The following people are or have been active contributors to the development of Python Universe Builder:

Joseph Strout PUB's creator, and original maintainer. SF Profile
Gabriel Jägenstedt Principal developer since 2004. Provided component/interfaces architecture, using PyProtocols. Currently working on transition to "exception model" verbs, which we think will be both more "pythonic" and will make some aspects of internationalization easier. SF Profile
Terry Hancock Current maintainer. Took over maintenance of the project when Joe no longer had time to, and moved it to Sourceforge. Working on applying PUB game logic for graphic adventure games. SF Profile
Joshua Macy Updated PUB to compliance with Python 2.0. Also maintains MOOP, a MUD system that is related to PUB. SF Profile
Lalo Martins Converted PUB over to using distutils for installation, which makes it a whole lot easier to install. SF Profile
Other developers on the project:
Clint McCulloch
R. David Murray
Daniel Ellison
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