Affiliated Projects

Joshua Macy's MOOP is an object-oriented MUD (multi-user dungeon) written in Python, which is similar in concept to PUB.
By Joshua Macy: Rollem is an Open Source (GPL) Game Master's aid for Roleplaying Games, allowing you to randomly roll on tables (e.g. encounter, weather, name, character history) that are written in XML.
The Light Princess
The Light Princess will be a graphic adventure game using PUB as its core logic engine. The extensions to make the game graphic are to be called Universe.

Other IF Engines

Inform is a specialized language for writing IF games, which compiles for the "Z-machine" (the interpreter used by Infocom games).
The "Text Adventure Development System". One of the oldest IF game systems.
Hugo is a complete design system for developing interactive fiction in the Infocom tradition.
IF engine written in Prolog.

Interactive Fiction Resources

IF Legends
The goal is to have one main server as a central point for IF in the web. (But the last update was in 2001).
Baf's Guide to the IF Archive
An enormous trove of IF games written in various different systems.
The Interactive Fiction Archive
You probably should use the Baf link above to access this site (better search features), but should anything happen to it, the actual data is available here.
An Annotated Bibliography Of Interactive Fiction Scholarship
Like it says.
Cloak of Darkness
Specification for a game used to compare IF engines. To my knowledge, no one has written this for PUB, but somebody really ought to.
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